July 28, 2022

How to Make your Laptop Last Forever

We’re all aware of how expensive laptop computers can be nowadays. Few of us will be able to afford one, and no one wants their notes, research, and tasks chosen in the middle of the term. We’ve compiled the finest lists to keep your laptop PC working well during college.

While it may be tough to incorporate all of these activities, try to incorporate a majority of them as good habits to follow. The following advice is provided in response to the problem; if you can follow the bulk of it, your laptop computer may even last you until graduate school!


Don’t eat or drink next to your laptop

Furthermore, do not place any food or beverages near your laptop computer. It’s not only your motherboard that will pay for it; it only takes one spill to destroy your motherboard. If this occurs, turn it off immediately and wait a couple of hours before turning it back on.

Keep it covered


When not in use, cover it with a towel to avoid dust particles and debris that you’ll have to clean out later.

Stay Cool

If you’ve been torturing your laptop with that 20-page essay homework or running demanding software for hours and you see it getting hot or making too much noise, Before the components begin to melt due to the heat, relocate to a cool region where the sun does not shine.

Keep it Clean


Use compressed air to clean the dirt and particles from your keyboard, fans, and heat sink once a month. If you’re like me and are afraid to open your laptop computer, or if you just don’t know how, take it to the IT help desk or any type of techy friend you might have.

Turn it Off For Once

Don’t keep your computer running or in standby mode for days at a time. Treat it as if it were you, and allow it to sleep through the night. Hibernating mode is a much better alternative for allowing your laptop to rest.

Don’t turn it off and on constantly either

I know I just stated to switch it off, but every time you do, your laptop’s components suffer and wear out considerably faster. So don’t go overboard. Consider your laptop to be a person. Do you think it’s pleasant to be awakened up often during the night?

Set it to hibernate instead of sleep.

If you’re working on a critical paper with many browser tabs, digital textbooks, and videos and need to take a break or do anything else away from your laptop, Set it to hibernation if you don’t think you’ll be back anytime soon. That way, your laptop’s components may rest, and when you return, your laptop will begin finishing that essay where you left it.

Close your laptop properly

Right now, there isn’t much to say. The display will undoubtedly be fantastic if you shut down your laptop computer using your phone in addition to the keyboard. A display replacement is sometimes as expensive as a new laptop computer.

Set your laptop to hibernate mode before going to class or home.


Set it to hibernation mode rather than rest mode before going home or, more likely, to course, to give your laptop computer required rest while keeping everything you were doing before up and running when you wish to return to whatever you were doing previously.

Pack your Laptop safely


When you are traveling or just going to a lecture outside of school, pack your laptop computer so it may remain safe and fantastic. Use a cushioned laptop computer sleeve to absorb all of the shocks and vibrations of the day while also preventing dirt from damaging it.

Avoid Sporting Pretty Bags


Avoid using attractive laptop bags to indicate to criminals that you are carrying an expensive laptop.

Pack your power Cable properly too

Regardless of how you choose to cover and also load your wire, make certain there is no tension where the wire reaches the battery charger. Things should not be twisted, pushed, or curved.

Leave some spare Storage in your Hard Drive


Try removing useless files and software programs, or just move them to an external hard disk. This will not only help your laptop computer run quicker, but it will also reduce the amount of heat produced when performing ordinary tasks. A laptop computer with a fully used storage device works harder, generates more heat, and will likely wear out sooner.

Empty your trash every day.


This will surely divert unwanted secondhand space. As previously stated, a hard disk drive at maximum capacity might generate unnecessary heat and shorten the life of your laptop computer.

Take your time when removing CDs and Flash Drives

Can’t wait for your computer to verify that it’s ready for you to remove the CD/USB? Those long two or three seconds of waiting will pass, and your USB ports will live indefinitely. A laptop without a USB port is effectively useless.

Run those Updates Already

I realize you’ve been putting off those house window improvements for a long time. They’re there for a reason: to keep your laptop computer in good working order. If your computer system does not bother you with such updates, upgrade it on your own every now and again.

Keep your little brother and german shepherd away from your laptop.

They’ll take apart your laptop faster than a Geek Squad technician.

Run Regular Maintenance

If you are using a Windows designer. Defrag and manually run Disk Cleanup. It is just the finest way. To access those options, click on the Your Hard Drive Icon.

Keep the power stable

There was a rise (not at my institution), but in my apartment, it goes without saying that my laptop computer was one of the few items that survived. My entire household had not been disturbed with their electronic equipment, but according to them, the company made certain to modify them. They’re still waiting for it, by the way.

When you hear a tornado approaching, turn it off and also proceed to the computer laboratory to do your task. You may also purchase a cooling pad to keep your laptop from overheating.

Drain Your Battery Life



Do this occasionally to maintain your battery lifespan. At least once a month.

Replace your Battery

It’s pointless to have a completely functional laptop that shuts down after two hours. If your battery lifecycle is towards the end and not performing correctly, simply replace it as soon as possible.

Remove the Battery Cell if you’re not using it

If you are not doing a critical task and your laptop computer turns on, remove the battery cell and keep your laptop computer linked in. Why? Batteries have a limited number of recharging cycles before they stop operating.

However, if you are servicing an important work or file, make certain your battery cell is turned on. You do not want to lose all of your jobs due to a power outage or someone tripping over your power line.

Upgrade your Hardware

The greater the performance of your laptop, the less strain the system will have to bear. If you have the money, improve those parts that can be upgraded. Start with the RAM because it’s the cheapest, and if you earn a scholarship or a large allowance, acquire an SSD. An SSD will always keep your laptop operating quickly and cooler.

If you are unable to install them yourself, contact the IT department. They might be able to perform it for you without any problems. Upgrading such components is as simple as putting in a USB driver.

Protect your Monitor From yourself

After eating french fries, do not aim the monitor. Any kind of oil might harm your screen. Obtain a screen wipe to keep it clean and to prevent dangerous elements from accumulating on it.

Change the cooling fan inside and hard drive


These are the simplest components to disassemble and are also critical to the longevity of your laptop. If you suspect they are faulty, replace them as soon as possible.

Keep off  unsavory sites and software downloads

Infections and malware may be just as destructive as unintentional drops or spills. They are also difficult to eradicate. You can always prevent them from getting into your laptop computer by using a good anti-virus program that is frequently updated. However, the most efficient way to keep them away is to avoid visiting dangerous websites.

Perform a Factory Format every 6 months


It will not only oblige you to keep your important documents and software programs supported, but it will also remove any viruses and software programs installed. It will also keep your laptop computer running effectively without causing excessive heat to build up.

Repair anything that needs to be repaired


If there’s a mistake that keeps appearing or any one of your laptop computer’s elements is malfunctioning, repair it asap. If you are unable to do so, contact your IT support desk.These little troubles build up at some point, ending up being a lot larger troubles, irreparable.

Obtain a service warranty

Finally, however, not the very least. If you have the extra cash, are overly reckless with digital devices in general, or simply do not believe you can keep up with any of these behaviors, then get a guarantee. Ensure it covers any type of crash or incident on your laptop computer, including harmed key-boards, ruined displays, loosened jacks, and so on. A guarantee will certainly not change your data, though. Do keep that in mind.

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