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Hi! I'm Michael Allenberg...

I design product experiences for both The Client and The Customer. Experience Design incorporates many disciplines and can mean multiple approaches to problem solving. That is what I do: I solve problems. It is the process of solving these problems that is my passion... The ability to pull the right tool from the toolkit for the job at hand. The ability to communicate with The Client, The Team & The User. I solve problems through a process that is founded on three pillars of User Experience:

  • Persuasive Design (the psychological approach)
  • Emotional Design (the visual approach)
  • Service Design (the customer approach)

I am currently putting these skills to work for OneSpring, LLC as Engagement Manager, Commercial, leading teams of cross-disciplinary designers on projects for clients including Coca-Cola, ADP, Arbitron, and Toyota.

In Case You Were Wondering...

My other passions are my wife and children, being the proud father of twins.
I have what some refer to as "difficult" taste in music!
In a previous life I was a professional photographer.

I'm an entrepreneur

I am Co-Founder and CEO of perSEEv.me a Social Media brand persona aggregator and predictive marketing engine. Together Co-Founder Matt McClendon, our database and data security expert, and I have been bootstrapping through multiple Alpha iterations. Click the link in the main navigation bar to participate in the forthcoming private Beta! We are proud members of the eHub Nspire incubator program at Gwinnett Innovation Park.