April 7, 2023

How to fix a cracked iphone screen

In the process of using smartphones and especially iPhone series. No matter how hard you try to keep it, you will accidentally drop it, damage it, and create cracks in the process. The iPhone screen immediately got a broken screen error but the touch can still be used, let’s fix this error!

In today’s developed smartphone world, the fact that phone products are dropped, broken, cracked screen, etc. Seems to be a very normal thing, this can be considered a common error encountered when repairing. smartphones.

The use of luxurious iPhones for objective or subjective reasons can also easily cause the iPhone’s glass to break easily, causing damage that affects the functionality and aesthetics of the device.

When the screen is broken, dropped and cracked the iPhone screen, what should you do? How to handle this problem to handle it quickly and avoid affecting important internal components such as chips, batteries, …. Especially handling broken iPhone screen, touch parts can still be used normally.

What is the effect of the glass on the iPhone?

On all smartphones in general, the screen is an important part that helps display and control all the functions on the device. However, the weakness of the touch screen is that it is easily damaged when it is dropped, bumped… Therefore, to protect the screen, the manufacturer has developed a glass surface placed above the screen, users Simply touch and perform the action on the glass, not the screen, providing protection against scratches. In addition, the glass also has great aesthetic value, giving the machine a real value.

Any screen error on the iPhone is caused by many factors and the iPhone/iPad glass failure is no exception. So, what is the cause of the broken glass and how to fix it? Let’s take a closer look at some of the information shared by Techworld technicians below.

Causes of iPhone / iPad glass damage

The cause of iPhone screen breakage is a fairly familiar problem, almost at least once a consumer using a phone has experienced this problem. The reason may be due to the unfortunate user dropping the phone during use, using the phone in hand, or accidentally dropping the phone from the pocket, … This is an extremely common cause. cause new phones, old phones to have broken screens. However, the problem is heavy or light depending on the contact surface when the phone is dropped as well as the degree of screen damage is also completely different.

Due to the different impact force, the phone will have different degrees of damage from damage, cracked glass to broken phone screen, burnt phone screen, unusable.

– The glass is broken due to the force of the impact, but the glass cannot break by itself. In the process of use, if you carelessly drop it or have a strong impact, heavy object on it … will easily break the glass layer, even damage the entire screen.

– When the iPhone is cracked or broken, no matter how big or small the error is, you should check and handle it right away, don’t be subjective and continue using it. If the cracks are not repaired for a long time, they can cause many other more serious errors.

When the glass is broken, the cracks on the glass will prevent you from seeing the display on the screen. In the long run, those cracks will be filled with dirt or easily get wet, which directly affects the touch screen of the device. A strong impact may result in damage to the touch screen.

How to fix broken iPhone glass

– In the process of using your iPhone’s glass broken, the best way to handle it is to replace the glass with a new one or replace the iPhone screen. If it’s just a small crack of an acceptable level, you can continue to use it, but if it’s a fairly large crack, you need to replace it.

– You should find a reputable repair center to replace the genuine Apple glass, helping the iPhone screen to return to the way it was in both aesthetics and quality. If you go to a shop that is not reputable, does not specialize in the manufacturer, it is very easy to assemble with batch glass, poor quality goods, leading to unwanted screen display.

In addition, the technician gives advice to iPhone users during use to minimize any strong collisions that can lead to glass damage. With Apple’s product line, the repair and replacement of components in general and the screen in particular will cost a lot of money, so it needs to be protected when used.

How to deal with a broken smartphone with a touchable screen

This is a fairly common situation, the phone screen is broken but still works well, can you consider this luck because it can still be used because in many cases when the glass breaks, it has been severely damaged. usable. You should not worry too much about this problem and follow these steps to handle it quickly.

Quickly check the damaged status of iPhone when dropped

If the iPhone you are using unfortunately you have cracked, broken touch screen is still normal, first you need to quickly check the device. Take a quick look at your damaged, serviceable phone to quickly decide how to deal with a cracked phone.

If you test your smartphone but you can still use it but the screen is broken and cracked. You then have two options to deal with this problem, including:

Continue using your phone normally.

Fast iPhone Repair

With the first option, if the cracks are not too serious, you can still use them as usual, in case you still don’t have enough money to ignore the aesthetic problem, you can continue to use. However, when using a broken phone, the screen can be dangerous to yourself. Careless use will damage important components such as the battery or chip inside the product. However, if you use a phone with broken screen but normal touch, you need to pay attention to the following points:

-Do not clean, wipe the phone screen with a soft wet cloth, it is easy to cause wetness and damage the screen.

-Do not leave the phone in dusty, steamy environments, which can easily damage important internal components.

-Minimize the impact of external forces on the phone screen such as dropping, breaking.

-Do not peel off the phone glass when using.

Repairing iPhone phones when cracked, broken glass

In addition to the method of continuing to use but will leave many risks, users can completely use the iPhone repair method. Especially the screens that have been severely cracked or frozen during use. However, before repairing, you need to pay close attention to the glass repair method and depending on the damage condition of the product.

The repair method will depend on different phone models, but the repair method is also different. Phone products have a glass structure attached to the touch. However, there are still other cases such as the touch part will be attached to the display part, the phone glass will be separate

Because of that fundamental difference, you need to ask a repairman to check the machine accurately, determine the most standard error condition to bring the best effect when repairing. Avoid problems arising during and after the iPhone glass pressing process

To fix the phone screen is broken but the touch screen is still in normal use, the best way is to go to a professional center.

In case your phone screen is badly broken, you need to bring it to a repair center so that a team of technical engineers will assist you. Depending on the type of phone, the structure of the touch screen phone will be different, and the price and repair costs will also vary.

Currently, the structure of the phone screen is divided into 3 layers: the touch layer, the screen and the glass. With such a screen structure, each phone line will be divided into 2 main screen types:

  1. The touch layer goes with the glass, the phone screen is separate: With such a screen structure, you can fix the broken phone screen as follows:

In case the phone glass is cracked (also called the phone has a damaged inner screen) and the touch and color display content is still normal, you just need to replace the glass.

In case the glass is broken and the touch is disordered, paralyzed but the display is still normal, you just need to replace the glass because the glass and touch screen go together.

In case the glass is broken, the touch has problems and the phone screen does not display normally, you have to replace the screen including the glass with its own screen and the replacement cost is extremely expensive.

  1. The touch layer is attached to the display phone screen, the glass is separate: With this screen structure, you can handle severely damaged phone screens as follows:

In case of broken glass and touch screen, the color display still works normally, you just need to replace the glass.

In case the glass is broken and the touch is completely paralyzed, you have to replace the phone screen because the screen goes with the touch.

In addition, if your iphone is in a broken or slightly cracked condition, the following 2 ways can be applied to fix it temporarily and as quickly as possible.

Fix broken phone screen using stickers

In case you drop your screen on the street but you can’t get to the repair center in time, another trick to fix the problem right away is to use a screen protector.

The use of screen protectors is extremely effective when fixing broken phone screens because of the following benefits:

-Prevent cracks from spreading.

-Limit dust as well as water vapor entering the screen, causing screen cracking

-Protects you from cracks caused by phone screen and helps you operate your device smoothly.

Thick screen protectors are now very cheap, you can buy them at accessory stores on your way to your rendezvous point, and gluing is also very simple.

Fixes for broken touch screens when using toothpaste

Toothpaste has many applications in life. Not only are they widely applied in beauty areas such as treating blackheads, cleaning pores, they are also widely used in repairing broken touch screen phone screens quickly. If your phone is slightly scratched or cracked, you can use toothpaste to remove them extremely easily.

To achieve the most satisfactory results, you must understand step by step how to handle a cracked iPhone as follows:

Step 1: Let the toothpaste not enter the Sim or Speaker slots; then you proceed to use items such as dry tissues, … cover and cover the phone.

Step 2: Now you use a Microfiber cloth and apply a little toothpaste on it (about the size of a knuckle).

Step 3: Next, you proceed to gently rub it in a clockwise direction and gently on the cracks or scratches on the screen. Do this until the toothpaste is evenly spread.

Step 4: After you have applied it many times. At this point, you use a dry paper or dry towel to wipe the toothpaste on the screen (Absolutely do not dip the water into the dry paper towel to wipe the surface of the toothpaste on the screen).


This method is only really effective when your phone’s touch screen condition is mild.

This method requires your patience. So please read through each step again and again and do it over and over again.

So, you already know how to fix broken iphone screen with the information that the article has provided. Hopefully they will be useful to you.

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