April 3, 2021

Review: Life Goals – A life planner app

We are getting busier daily, and missing something important can affect our daily lives. Today we are reviewing an app to help you better organize your work life.

This app called Life Goals – My Goal planner & Affirmations (Life planning app) helps you remind your goals and other important things every day.

Life Planner app overview

As the name suggests, the app will help you achieve your lifetime goals by reminding you of the tasks. This is an enhanced version of the Calendar App for Android. Life Goals redefines goal planning, goal tracking, and goal process applications and allows users to set, track and achieve goals, and if needed, it can provide you all the emotional affirmation you need.


The app has several sections to choose from. First, if we look at the main screen, it is mainly divided into four subsections. The first is Life Goals, followed by Life Purposes, Affirmations, and Diary.

As the name suggests, the Life Goals section gives you an option to set goals. Here you have to write your goal, choose the goal type and end date until you want to achieve it. and it has a Target Description field that you just set.

The Life Purpose section is like a pledge. You can call it here. You have to fill in the purpose you want in your Life.

The affirmation section helps you provide all the positive vibes you need in your daily Life. It has several Affirmation categories that you can choose from.

Positive affirmation text in life planning app

Diary consists of notes, or we can call it the List section. Here you can add options to complete your daily goals.

General impressions

The Life Goal app is straightforward, and I think it has a good user interface. Entering the details is quite easy and uncomplicated. The dashboard section provides an overview of all goals, pending and completed goals. It also has a pro version if you don’t want ads to bother you.

You can check out the app here.

Let us know what you think about a life planning app like this that can make your lLife easier in the comments section below.

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