How to Troubleshoot Garbage Disposal Problems

If you’ve ever had a problem with your garbage disposal, you know how frustrating it can be. That is why it’s so important to have a basic understanding of how the disposal works, and what issues are common. This will help you troubleshoot any problems you encounter and get your disposal back up and running as quickly as possible!

The scary motion picture photo of targets having hands and also arms cut in a waste disposal unit is completely a Hollywood creation. Actually, the blades inside a waste disposal unit are instead boring mills, not shining, lancinating sabers. That is not to state that disposal must be ignored– it is without a doubt feasible to be shatteringly harmed if you do not exercise standard precautions.

Yet there is truly just one guideline you require to adhere to Never place your hand or fingers down right into the disposal, also if you assume the disposal has actually been unplugged or its circuit has actually been shut down. If disposal obtains switched on inadvertently while your fingers remain in the opening, the possibility is that you will certainly wind up with bruised fingers, not bloody amputation. Yet this is not a danger that is essential whatsoever.

Never ever get right into a waste disposal unit.

If you comply with that fundamental guideline, one of the most typical issues with a waste disposal unit is simple to identify and also often very easy to repair.

How to Troubleshoot Garbage Disposal Problems
How to Troubleshoot Garbage Disposal Problems

Types of Garbage Disposals to Know

There are a number of sorts of waste disposal units, consisting of set feed as well as constant. Set feed requires to have actually the cover put over the drainpipe open up to turn on the disposal. Constant makes use of a button to transform the system on and also off. There is additionally an air button version that makes use of air to trigger the disposal. What all these versions share is that the power feeding the disposal needs to originate from an electrical outlet under the sink.

Garbage Disposal Will Not Turn On

If the disposal will certainly not switch on when you turn the button and also you do not listen to the humming noise of the electric motor, it shows there is an electric issue that is avoiding the home appliance from obtaining present. To determine the issue as well as repair it, start with one of the most likely troubles (and also simplest remedy) and also continue to a lot more difficult:

Make certain the disposal is connected. This might appear apparent, however, home appliance customer care agents report that failing to connect to the device is without a doubt one of the most usual resources of trouble.

+ If it is connected in, after that push the reset switch discovered under the system. This red switch runs an integrated breaker feature, and also if the reset switch has actually “stumbled,” it will certainly be stood out a little exterior. Merely pressing it back in will certainly reset the device.

+ If dispiriting the disposal reset switch does not function, after that inspect the primary circuit box to see if the breaker has actually stumbled. If so, reset the breaker’s bar. If you have some electric experience, you can check the electrical outlet with a voltage tester. Likewise, some waste disposal unit designs are hardwired. In this scenario, it’s a little harder: You should obtain accessibility to the circuitry to examine power. Yet prior to doing this, it is important to examine the breaker as well as do the hand-operated reset initially.

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+ If neither the reset switch nor the breaker is the reason, after that it’s feasible that there is a circuitry issue with the button regulating the disposal, or that the waste disposal unit itself is damaged.

+ Initially, situate the button that powers the disposal system. It needs to be situated on the wall surface, however, it might be under the sink.

+ At the major circuit box, shut off the breaker that powers the disposal circuit.

+ Dismantle the button managing the disposal. Check the cord links. Sometimes, a basic loosened link might be the source of the issue, and also the solution is as basic as tightening up the cord links.

+ If the cable links are protected, it’s feasible the button itself misbehaves. Change the button.

+ Transform power back on at the circuit box as well as inspect the disposal for the procedure.

+ If the disposal still does not switch on as well as the electric motor makes no sound, the waste disposal unit is irreparable as well as requires to be changed.

Disposal Hums But Does Not Grind

If the waste disposal unit will not switch on however the electric motor makes a humming noise when you turn the button, which shows that the internal flywheel is obstructed. Generally, this creates the home appliance’s reset switch to stand out or the breaker to journey extremely rapidly. This is not a circumstance you intend to proceed with for long, as it can wear out the disposal’s electric motor unless the reset switch or breaker closes points off.

Disposal Hums But Does Not Grind
Disposal Hums But Does Not Grind

The trouble is usually the outcome of food or an international item being lodged in between the impeller( s) and also the shredder ring inside the disposal. (Learn regarding the makeup of a waste disposal unit in order to far better recognize the different components.).

+ Shut off power to the waste disposal unit at the electric circuit box by turning off the breaker regulating the circuit. Likewise, shut off the wall surface button managing the disposal.

+ Take the countered wrench that featured the disposal device as well as inserts it right into the flywheel transforming and opening an all-time low of the system. If you do not have the wrench, you can choose one up from the equipment shop that markets your waste disposal unit. A big Allen (hex) wrench might likewise function.

+ When the wrench is put, transform it clockwise to displace the stuck impeller or flywheel. When it displaces, you’ll really feel the flywheel turn easily.

+ One more strategy is to make use of a wood spoon manage or comparable wood challenge get to down right into the disposal with the drainpipe opening, utilizing it as a bar to release the stuck flywheel. If you’re effective, you’ll really feel the flywheel start to transform openly.

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+ Make use of a flashlight to overlook right into the disposal. If you see the things that triggered the jam (stubborn meat bones and also items of tableware prevail wrongdoers), use pliers to eliminate the international item.

+ When the flywheel is released, transform the power back on at the major circuit box yet do not switch on the disposal yet.

+ Return to the disposal and also press the red reset switch under.

+ Run some faucet water right into the disposal and also promptly turn the activate and also off for a brief ruptured. Switch on as well as off once more swiftly. This ought to rotate the flywheel as well as trigger any type of dislodged particles to be cleaned down the drainpipe.

Disposal Is Leaking

Waste disposal unit leakages can happen from a variety of put on a waste disposal unit. Typical locations consist of the sink flange where the disposal attaches to the base of the sink, the pipe that leads from the dishwashing machine to the disposal, as well as the pipe that releases waste from the disposal to the drainpipe system.

Leak at the Sink Flange

The continuous resonance of a waste disposal unit, with time, can loosen up the placing device that holds the home appliance to the sink drainpipe opening. This sink-placing flange is the most likely area for dripping.

+ Turn off power to the disposal at the electric circuit box by shutting down the breaker that regulates it.

+ At the disposal installing ring under the sink, transform the disposal to the left (counter-clockwise from the base) to loosen up and also get rid of the device from its installing flange.

+ Tighten up down the 3 installing screws holding the flange to the sink.

+ If the screws are limited, the leakage might be triggered by stopped working plumbing’s putty. Loosen up the screws and also press the sink flange a little over the surface area of the sink.

+ Pressure a grain of brand-new plumbings putty in between the sink flange and also the sink, going totally around the flange.

+ Re-tighten the installing screws from below, attracting the sink flange limited to the sink surface area. When excess putty exudes, clean away the unwanted.

+ Re-install the disposal and also transform the power back on at the circuit box.

+ Look for leakages as you run the water in the sink.

Leak at the Dishwasher Connection

The rubber pipe that channels wastewater from the dishwasher to the waste disposal unit is likewise a location where leakages regularly happen.

+ Tighten up the tube clamp on the dishwasher hose pipe linked to the dishwashing machine inlet on the disposal.

+ Change the hose pipe if the pipe remains leakage.

Leak at the Discharge Drainpipe

An additional plastic pipeline brings wastewater from the disposal to the sink drainpipe catch, and also this installation can leakage when the gasket obtains old.

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+ Examine the screws holding the discharge pipeline to the disposal, ensuring they are limited.

+ If this does not function, eliminate the screws and also the pipeline as well as change the gasket seal in between the pipeline and also the disposal.

+ Re-install the screws as well as tighten them down.

Disposal Drains Slowly

Slow-moving draining pipes of a waste disposal unit can be triggered by a variety of troubles, however, it’s normally brought on by the very same type of obstructing that can slow down any type of sink drainpipe. Typically, the repair entails taking apart the drainpipe catch and also discharge pipeline and also getting rid of any kind of food waste blocking the pipelines.” alt=”” width=”644″ height=”430″ />

+ Eliminate the screws holding the discharge pipeline to the disposal.

+ Detach the drainpipe catch as well as get rid of the catch and also the discharge drain.

+ Look for obstructions or blockages as well as tidy the disposal.

+ If none are located, the blockage possibly rests on the branch drainpipe line entering into the wall surface. Clear the blockage with a sink auger.

+ Rebuild the drainpipe catch as well as reconnect the discharge tube sideways of the waste disposal unit.

+ Run water, switch on the waste disposal unit, and also examine to see if the water runs openly.

There are numerous great techniques to keep in mind (as well as some negative ones to prevent) that will certainly lower the opportunities of obstructions or slow-draining troubles with your waste disposal unit.

Do not:

Grind up potato peelings. Peelings create a starchy paste comparable to mashed potatoes when ground up, which will certainly obstruct your drainpipe.
Put coffee premises or egg coverings right at your disposal. They produce extremely little bits of granular waste that will certainly stay with any kind of sludge in the pipeline as well as promptly develop a blockage.


Keep your disposal by routinely grinding up items of lemon peel and also ice.
Stay clear of smells by treating your disposal monthly by blending a number of handfuls of cooking soft drinks with a fifty percent mug of vinegar. Put the combination right into the disposal receptacle with the system shut off. After the combination is done lathering, wash it away with running water.

If your garbage disposal is having problems, don’t despair! There are a few simple things you can do to troubleshoot the issue and get it running smoothly again. First, check to make sure there is nothing blocking the blades. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try resetting the unit. If neither of those solutions works, you may need to replace the disposal. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy process that most people can do themselves. With a little patience and perseverance, you should be able to get your garbage disposal up and running again in no time.

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