Should We Be Excited About Red Heifers? | Jack Hibbs Sermon

So listen, I am getting questions from people about some particular end time event.
A lot of people are excited right now about the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, a lot of, a lot of well meaning christians are sending money uh to those that want to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.
I want you to be careful about that because if you read your bible, um you’re actually sending money to rebuild or to build, I should say a temple for the antichrist, it’s not the temple jesus is gonna use in the millennium, He builds his own temple in the millennium.
The third temple is the Antichrist temple that he’s going to deceive the world in Israel with.
But I think maybe I should put on my helmet For this next one.
I’m gonna get some hate mail on this.
And that is, people are saying, but Jack, there’s been another red heifer born and the red heifer is needed to consecrate the implements of the priesthood for the temple in Jerusalem.

And the red heifer has been born First of all, let me and I should probably put this thing on, Right?
Let me tell you, there have been thousands of red heifers born that have been born looking perfect, no flaws.
But you know what the bible doesn’t tell us that the jews are going to burn a red heifer and take its ashes and consecrate the temple by using a calf that is young and spotless and perfect, it’s going, it’s going to be a heifer, it’s an older, it’s a cow, it’s older.
So when, when a heifer, a red heifer even is born, everybody gets excited and christian starts sending money to these various people in Israel to build the temple.
You’re actually with good intentions, sending money to build the third temple, which is the antichrist temple by which he deceives the world.
In second Thessalonians chapter two, Go read it later, Matthew chapter 24 verse 15.
So I just want to have you guys, I guess all hate me at the same time.
Don’t get excited about the news that a red heifer has been born and don’t be part of the christians who have flown some of these cows from texas and other places to Jerusalem, thinking that you’re fulfilling bible prophecy.
You’re not, you’re not doing that, there won’t be a red heifer until that heifer matures and is inspected by the rabbinical priesthood and then it’s sacrificed, burnt the ashes are then used to consecrate the art uh articles that are going to be used in the temple.
That’s when it’s going to happen. That’s how it has to happen. But just know this, it’s all bad.
It’s all bad for the christian, We’re not interested in funding building the third temple, what are we trying to do, speed up bible prophecy, kind of pull it off and make it happen ourselves, you can’t do that.
So I know I’m stepping on a lot of really precious toes right now, but we need to stop being sucked up in sensationalism and understand what the word of the Lord says, Okay, we’re to be looking for jesus christ to come back and not some red cow were to be looking for him to appear in the atmosphere and be living passionately for him in the meantime, doing righteousness, which means busy about our father’s business, but not get excited about these possible calves that have been born that are red heifers, we don’t know that that cow’s got to live for a while to make sure there’s no white hair.
One white hair that grows, makes it flawed.
And thousands of them who thought they were perfect, turned out to be flawed.
There is no one single red heifer that’s qualified as of yet, people will say otherwise.
I know, but I’m telling you right now, now, if one is found and it’s uh and it’s of a certain age and it matches everything, you still gotta have a priesthood to sacrifice that animal.
You gotta have a temple whereby the implements can be used to make account, we don’t have any of that.
That’s for satan to use the antichrist for so be careful and what you follow.
Okay, be wise, know your bibles, but I appreciate your enthusiasm, but don’t give a penny to the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem right now because that temple will be an anathema to God

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