July 18, 2022

50 Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration for You To Consider

50 Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration for You To Consider

There is something primal and deeply satisfying concerning cooking and taking pleasure in a meal outdoors, be it toasting marshmallows on a campfire or barbecuing hamburgers for a weekend bbq. Nowadays, mingling and entertaining feels much less stuffed when it’s happening outdoors, encouraging us to repair our outdoor decks, patios, and backyards and relocate the event outside whenever possible.

And just as our interior kitchen areas have ended up being the center of the home in recent years, with ever-increasing attention to style and also design, and ever before additional demanding assumptions for devices as well as gear, these days we want our outdoor cooking areas to be equally as outfitted, practical, as well as trendy.

outdoor kitchen
outdoor kitchen

Whether that means a stylish, portable built-in barbecuing station on your condominium veranda, a yard patio area with a wall surface of food preparation and prep area, or a full-blown luxury exterior cooking area that belongs to an amusing sanctuary complete with a fully outfitted eating, lounge and also kitchen areas, depends upon your space, requires, and budget plan.

Check out these outside cooking areas in various designs, sizes, and cost arrays that measure up to any interior room for ideas on how to transform your exterior cooking location into an oasis suitable for endless summer-season gatherings of friends and family.

Upright Garden

This vibrant modern-day outside kitchen in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood from Heather Hilliard Layout is situated on a big porch just off of the primary kitchen area and eating area. Bright blue cabinets add an address dash of color, but the looming multi-colored living wall surface behind it steals the program with its manicured design that appears like a work of modern-day art.

Timber Fired

This relaxing and cozy San Francisco outdoor kitchen area from Seed Workshop Landscape Design includes a tiled, wood-fired pizza stove and grill seamlessly integrated with upright wood veneer slats that match the sales as the horizontal timber secure fencing. A lively blue Moroccan-style backsplash adds some shade and interior refinement. Light to light-toned pavers and incorporated lights add modaddday gloss and a pleasing nighttime atmosphere.


This outside cooking area from interior designer Lance T, Thomas of Thomas Person Interiors, is put onto the back wall surface of a sizable outdoor patio and blends in completely with the exterior room’s gray and white combination and adjacent lounge room.

Thomas advises using weather-friendly products in an outside area for toughness, such as environmentally friendly rattan. And he advises including greenery such as banana leaf trees and orchids “to add a touch of nature,” adding that “high-design planters can be an innovative way to display one’s peers.

Mixed Materials

This extended, stextendedht outside cooking area and dining location from interior developer Maite Granda has a mix of block, concrete, stainless steel, and timber, with a vaulted skylight and a transparent gltransparentheet barrier that divides the dining-dining roome pool.

The large kitchen area consists of lots of closed storage rooms where supplies can be neatly stored outside, removing aggravating trips between the inside and outside of your home.


This L-shaped cooking area from Marie Flanigan Interiors has stainless-steel devices and a pretty paprettyed tile backsplash that makes it feel as put together as within the room. Anthe extra-large declaration hood air vent helps to blend smoke from the grill and includes measurements to the outdoor area.

Family Design

This sizeable cooking area from Mel Bean Interiors is linked to the outdoors on one side and the ior cooking area on the other, divided by moving windows, and also includes an exterior living room area beyond the patio with a fire plafireplaceo a couch. “It is The layout must banal for the family members,” claims Bean, that advises “focusing on hardworking materials and also an open-concept layout that connects to the outdoors for household dogs and youngsters included– to move around.”


This portable yard kitchen grilling station from Manscapers has no-nonsense commercial stainless-steel home appliances, a matte black timber fence, and a lot of bordering plants toplantsne in the kitchen area and lounge spaces as well as to soften up the industrial vibes of the kitchen area.

Bar Design

This Brooklyn outdoor kitchen area from Eco Landscapes has a wood-clad bar opposite the barbecuing location that is clad in the very same timber exterior siding for a cohesive look. The bench provides a place for informal meals or keeping the grill master firm, while a more prominent, bigger banquette and chairs are located a couple of feet away for sit-down dinners and other big celebrations.

Up on the Roofing

The exterior kitchen on this roof terrace from Fantastic Frank is sleek. It has stainless steel home appliances and a bbq constructed right into a free stafree-standingositioned with its back to the exterior lounge location beyond. A pergola gives shade for eating and dev,eloper chairs in shades of white, grey, and blu a contemporary note.

Up on the Roofing
Up on the Roofing


This transitional design outdoor kitchen from Marie Flanigan Interiors has a massive signature oven hood with a pewter coating that creates a prime focus and supplies a vital robust for those who don’t, such as choking on smoke from the barbeque.

A counter-to-ceiling of pale buttery stone includes texture, wood k, and wood cabinetry adds heat. A substantial consubstantial ordinary table and chairs with tidy lines keep it from leaning as well traditional.

Situated on the back patio just off the kitchen area and divided by stylish modern metal grid glass wall surfaces and doors, it feels like a well-integrated home and gives hassle-free access.

Pizza oven

The centerpiece in this outdoor kitchen from realty agent and int developer Julian Porcino is a block pizza stove painted in a cozy color of grey along the side wall of a sizeable Loprominenteles patio area.

Develop a Corridor

While some individuals like their exterior kitchens to be as open and planned as their indoor kitchens, there are still some individuals who like to keep their kitchens inconspicuously hidden and hidden their meal prep mess mostly primarily This Florida exterior kitchen from interior developer Maite Granda is set up corridor-style and also behind a half wall surface that’s high sufficient to hide mess from the lounge space on the other side. A row of necklace lights specifies the room.

Go Full Size

This outside kitchen from Fantastic Frank is sheltered from the elements by a big tarp and furnished with a wall of black appliances and a prep room with size fridge. The timber deck flooring is an extraordinary beautiful son with the stone wall surrounding the backyard, and woven rattan chairs with black metal bases use an info a stylish informal.

Go Full Size
Go Full Size

Email Outdoor Room

A total kitchen area isn’t constantly desirable or realistic, depending on your environment. This semi-outdoor kitchen from Martha O’Hara Interiors is situated on the bank evaluated the porch of a Previous Lake, Minnesota cottage that secures it from the elements and keeps chefs and restaurants safe from the insects.

Vacation Home Feelings

The exterior kitchen area in this Ibiza house from Fantastic Frank has a holiday beach vibe. The boxy white structure develops a well-defined definition of what’s different from the main house, and the cooking and prep location is mostly mainly covered outside the bar.

Two open sides ensure that the breezes maintain streaming, and the area and bar location stay available to the remainder of the backyard, amusing and entertaining.

Fine Dining

You can invest in an exterior cooking area recognizing that it will certainlundoubtedlyr-round used if you live in a state like Florida. This formal Florida exterior cooking area and eating space from Lisa Gilmore Design is fully furnished and lit for poolside cooking and dining thanks to built-in lighting on the ceiling, the food preparation and preparation spaces, and a massive chamassiveier over the dining table.

Carved Details

This glamorous poolside kitchen from Fantastic Frank is created in tones of light stone and black finishes, with a sleek integrated kitchen area wall surface and an outdoor table. An enforcing hood air vent and large carved rock sculptures on either side of the kitchen wall define the area and develop a significant handcrafted focal point when viewed from behind the glass doors on the inside.


An exterior kitchen area can be the prime focus of an exteriorouterrea or stashed to give the rest of the style a possibility to shine. On this outside patio area kitchen, area, and dining area from Wind Giannasio Interiors, a compact barbecuing and cation is located at the rear of the lengthy, straight space, leaving the official dining location with its black-and-white play of patterns and also retro feelings to take spotlight.

Hamptons Design

This expansive, secluded exterior kitchen in Bridgehampton, New York City from Ka, Kalamazoo Outdoor Exquisite is the proper state of that summer house desires are made from, decked out in nifty, lifting shades of grey that enhance the stainless-steel, modern outside cooking tools and also cabinets. The huge outlast area is a self-contained space designed for outdoor summertime living and a lovely entire lounge area, firepit, and a big table under a majestic tree.

Hamptons Design
Hamptons Design


Not everybody has a backyard that can house a big and extensive kitchen area. However, an integrated grilling terminal can seem like a deluxe if you are an apartment or occupant fortunate enough to have a balcony. This tiny outside area from White Sands Design Build has a portable grilling terminal and lounge seats, but an outdoor table and chairs would work here, too.


While an exterior kitchen can be a prime focus in some outside rooms, in this large Newport Coastline, California backyard from Mindy Gayer Layout Co., the cooking area shows up from the primary outside outdoor wever tucked along a side wall, leaving space for lounge and dining locations around the swimming pool.


The cooking station in this outdoor kitchen from Design Lines Trademark includes a usual standard a Big Green Egg, located actions action a shaded, well dwell-designated location with an archway that provides a place to kick back while you’re awaiting your food to prepare.


Embellishing a roof room can require a lot of watchfulness and dance. If you like to maintain things straightforwardly, you do not wish to need to worry about your outdoor space when you’re not up for a rooftop grill session. Go with a minimalist strategy, similar to New York City’s roof cooking area from New Eco Landscapes.

With a lengthy straight barbecuing and prep area constructed versus an outdoor wall surface, it has plenty of built-inbuilt-in for food, cooking equipment, tableware, other fundamentals, and timber cladding for heat.

Mixed Stone

This exterior cooking area from Studio KT has contrasting blended light and dark stone finishes that provide splash and bar response to measurement versus the sprawling stone patio. Integrated with concerto illumination includes gloss and cozy light after dark.

Mixed Stone
Mixed Stone


This tiny exterior cooking area barbecuing as well as preparation terminal from Manscapers is stashed in the edge of a metropolitan roof deck in New York City, protected with high timber secure fencing for color and also personal privacy, as well as bordered by blended plant going up the wall surfaces and also in redeemed timber planters to offer it an informal posh city ambiance.


This lengthy straight exterior cooking area from New Eco Landscapes is dressed in cozy timber, contrasting with the stainless-steel grill hood and the harsh rock pavers covering the roomy patio area flooring.


The smooth white minimal outside cooking area on this sun-bleached roof balcony in Ibiza from Fantastic Frank is flawlessly developed into the wall surface, making it virtually appear like a component of the design until you scrunch your eyes.

Black Decking

The exterior kitchen area and eating location in this yard home from New Eco Landscapes has a black deck floor covering that specifies the size and provides compare son with the nearby smooth rock outdoor patio and lounge area.

Indoor Outdoor

This little swimming pool residence kitchen area as well,l as bar from Mark Langos Interior Design has co, commercial design black mounted accordion home windows that shield the room from the aspects when not used.

Drink Station

The inside of this little interior outside cooking area as well,l as bar from Mark Langos Interior Design consists of a glass-front deli-style refrigerator equipped with drinks.

Modern Farmhouse

This protected contemporary farmhouse-style exterior kitchen area from Marie Flanigan Interiors has a dazzling stainless-steel backsplash, a vintage-style stove, fresh repainted blue cabinets, a mix of timber surfaces, and an ng slatted fifty percent door simply for enjoyable.

Camouflage It

Treatment of the roof out of the exterior kitchen area cabinets with all-natural toned timber comparable to the exteriosecure exterior and high tilted pergola offers this exterioexternaln area from New Eco Landscapes a natural appearance. Intense blue chairs around the table include a vibrant prime focus that matches the bordering plant.

Include Bar Seating

Blog Owner Leslie Saeta from My 100 Yea100-Year-Oldncluded an island with an integrated sink, freezer, as well as prep room on one side as well as bar seats on the various other to her exterior patio area to broaden an outside food preparation terminal that currently consisted of a barbeque as well as a cigarette smoker.

The gently white-washed block island matches the patio area flooring. It resembles its constantly existing, producing the leading center in their big outside home, consisting of an exterior living-living room with a discussion location.

All White

This all-white exterior from A Beautiful Mess consists of a sink and peninsula la that separates the eating area from the all-white kitchen area that is developed right into a back wall surface and includes a solitary yellow accent that stands out. A touch of potted plants aid attaches attaching exterior space to the lawn past.

Galley Style

New Eco Landscapes produced and used a galley-style cooking area format by placing a bar opposite the outside cooking area block. Utilizing the same rock counter tops and comparable cozy to cozy-toned cladding makes both components tural regardless of their differing percentages, like fraternal instead of twins.

Galley Style
Galley Style

High Glam

This extravagant outside kitchen area from Italy’s Officine Gullo is an excessive workout in deluxe and also beauty, with its streamlined white and also silver tones, premium home appliances and also installations, timeless marble floor covering, and also enjoyable information like a restaurant-style wineglass shelf put on hold from the pergola ceilings.

Indoor Outdoor

A big hAn extensive window over the sink in this exterior kitchen area from Mel Bean Interiors provides a sight of the inside for an adjustment.


This outside barbecuing location and lounge area from Mary Patton Design has a smooth, modern appearance, with comfy contemporary seats, tidy lines, a formed carpet, and neutral tones conserved for some virtually fluorescent stand out of eco-friendly ones cashback to the environment-friendly yard past.

Enjoyable Space

This outside kitchen area made by Robert W. Adler & & Associates with an exterior cooking area from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet belongs to a substantial vast amusing room in Oakhurst, New Jersey that includes an eating location and lo room total with a contemporary direct fireplace.


This outside cooking area made by Robert W. Adler & & Associates with a kitchen area from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is constructed in a portable U-shape that develops an effective format for dish preparation. It consists of integrated bar seating off away.

Tip Up

This decently proportioned exterior cooking area from New Eco Landscapes is situated on a New York City roof patio area, two actions up from the astroturf yard, an outside lounge area, and an eating location under a pergola. Redeemed planters loaded with combined plants lining the wall surfaces of the roof include a welcome dosage of nature in the center of the concrete forest.

Different Spaces

Mounting an exterior kitchen area ideal outside your house can be easy as it could conserve cash on pipes and electric installment. However, mounting a cooking area on the back of the backyard can make your outside kitchen area seem like a self-supporting device and ensure that your home does not get penetrated with grill smoke or food preparation scents. Instance in factor: this outside cooking area from Seed Studio Landscape Design is situated throughout the swimming pool and the grass of this large yard.

Tones of Gray

This outside kitchen area and also bar seta up from Officine Gullo has cabinets, home appliances, as well as installations in tones of stainless-steel and also silver, and also grey rock as well as concrete surface floor covering and also a having wall surface as well as bar island that produces an advanced tone on tone layout.

Environment-friendly Wall

A low-slung step grown with spheric succulents includes a fresh environment-friendly component behind this glossy outside cooking area from Officine Gullo.

Pretty in Pink

This accessible outside cooking terminal from Living With Lolo includes a striking pink grill developed right into a free-standing block that uses a lot of prep room and a front tiled in shiny black square floor tiles that beam in the sunshine.

Kitchen area Island

This exterior kitchen area from Landscape Associates, John Koss Builders, and also Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is a free-standing framework that improved a vast building on the borders of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Thick columns sustain a robust roofing system with integrated ceiling followers and open sides that use wraparound sights of the bordering landscape and a fish pond for angling tonight’s supper.

Dressed up

A professional photographer and blog owner, Aniko Levai from Place of My Taste, constructed her DIY exterior cooking area around a timber pergola that matches the two-level outdoor decking and exterior eating furnishings. Stainless-steel devices include comparison.

Bar Style

This elegant outside cooking area from Officine Gullo has wraparound seats, the main grill, and smooth modern surfaces that are excellent for enjoyment.

In the Ivy

This white, as well as brilliant outside kitchen area from Kern & & Co., has repainted timber exterior siding, stainless-steel home appliances, spread ivy, and oversized pavers in an eco-friendly yard grid pattern.


This Coral Gables, Florida, the outside cooking area from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, is the focal point of a big year-round amusing area consisting of an eating and lounge location. The furnished cooking area has every deluxe you can imagine for the exterior house chef, from an integrated grill that can be utilized to prepare for events of 50 individuals, a practical stove hood, a gas-fired pizza stove, four cooktop heaters, power reliable fridge as well as fridge freezer room, an outside white wine refrigerator, lots of prep area, as well as possibly most importantly, an outer dishwasher.

If you’re planning to install an outdoor kitchen, we hope this article has given you some inspiration. With the right design and layout, your outdoor kitchen can be both stylish and functional. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your outdoor kitchen, and consult with a professional if you need help bringing your vision to life.

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