January 18, 2022

How to make a post shareable on Facebook

‘How to make a post shareable on Facebook’ is one of the big appeals on the social network as it can share your opinions and thoughts to your friends and almost anyone. People. You can add photos, tag friends, locate locations, become part of an organization, market your commercial business, and do many different things!
When a post is set to “public,” anyone who sees it on Facebook can share it.
Public: This option is available when you want to allow people to share your post.

Friend: If you want your friends to share your post, this option is the best; no one can share your posts except for your friends.

Except: When you select this option, a list will be provided to you with whom you do not want to share your posts. Select the person and click OK.

Only me: Using this option, only you can share your post with another person who can share your post. This article will explain how to make a publication shareable on Facebook.

How to share a post on Facebook in three easy steps?

First of all, there will be two options for you to share your post:-

Create or find the position you want to share.

Once you have created a post and forgot to share your post, follow these steps:-

Scenario 1

  1. Create a new post by tapping What’s Your Mind? Prompt on your profile or timeline.

2. Under your name, tap the first drop-down icon to change your privacy settings.

3. Select Public from the list to show everyone on Facebook and tap Done.

4. Finish editing and tap post.

Scenario 2

Now, if you are at number one and want your post to be shareable before creating a post, you have to follow these steps:-

1. Tap the three dots icon in the post container’s top right corner.

2. Select the Edit Privacy option from the list.

3. Now select Public/Friends from the list of available options.

4. Now, select Public from the list of available options.

Suppose you followed the steps correctly. Congratulations! Your post is now shareable on Facebook.

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