How to Make a Fly Trap From an Empty Soda Bottle

There’s a simple and also unnoticeable method to make a catch for flies from a vacant plastic soft drink container to quit them from humming about within your residence. Baited with some sweetened water or additional eye-catching material, a DIY fly catch embedded in a covert location will swiftly draw average houseflies.

Flies scent the lure and fly right into the container to reach it (either to lay eggs or to feed). When within, they are conveniently entrapped as they fly down the neck of the catch. Flies will undoubtedly be surprised because they can not browse back up the slim opening, or they will surely be unable to fly if their wings splash. This catch can be made use of inside your home or outdoors.

How to Make a Fly Trap From an Empty Soda Bottle
How to Make a Fly Trap From an Empty Soda Bottle

A few reliable techniques for managing houseflies inside have disadvantages; flyswatters are untidy, and chemicals can be hazardous, possibly launching dangerous chemicals into the air.1 Instead, the actions to make a primary option that’s bound to quit flying in their tracks.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools Materials
Serrated knife Two-liter soda bottle
Permanent marker Bait, such as ripe fruit
Cutting board Vinegar (optional)
Hole punch (optional) Piece of wire to hang your trap (optional)


fly trap
fly trap

Mark a Cutting Line

Draw a line right around the container, using an irreversible pen, listed below the conical neck.

Mark a Cutting Line
Mark a Cutting Line

Cut the Top off the Bottle

Use a sharp blade with a serrated edge to reduce along the line, cutting the top of the container. Cut on a reducing board so there’s no damage to your counter or table surface area.

Cut the Top off the Bottle
Cut the Top off the Bottle

Assemble the Fly Trap

Remove the soft drink cap. After that, turn the top of the container upside-down and glide it right into the all-time low of the container, like a channel, to finish the fly catch.

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You can maintain the cap on the container; however, if you do, you will be required to punch a large opening so the flies can come down right into the catch. Maintaining the cap on will certainly better stop the flies from discovering their escape.

Bait the Trap

Remove the “channel” from the container so you can put the lure. Select an appeal for your catch. Flies are brought into almost any type of rotting natural product. Though it is meat and feces that flies seek to lay eggs (the larvae, which we understand as maggots, will right away eat those products when they hatch out from fly eggs), a couple of individuals will certainly intend to utilize that as the interior lure.

Take into consideration these pleasurable concepts for lure:

+ Slightly over-ripe fruit

+A 50/50 water and sugar mix

+Water mixed with honey or maple syrup for a stickier solution

+ Fruit-scented dish soap

If you are utilizing this catch outdoors, make use of an extra poignant lure. To maintain out of your interior or exterior net, include a sprinkle of vinegar.


You can likewise catch wasps with this approach considering that they are additionally attracted to desserts.

Make a Handle for the Fly Trap

If you like a hanging catch, utilize an opening strike to punch two openings on top of the container. Make sure they experience both layers of the net. After that string, an item of cord with the openings, kink completions, and your catch prepares to hang.


If you discover spaces between the sides where the “channel” relaxes at the all-time low of the container, tape them up simply in the instance a scheming fly determines to eject and retreat.

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Tips to Make the Fly Trap Work

There are specific seasons when flies are much more widespread. In chillier environments, this frequents the springtime as the sunlight starts to warm up the wall surfaces of the residence, highlighting the initial flies from their wintertime amazement.

Houseflies have a foreseeable lifecycle that can consist of numerous hatch-out cycles each period, so if you lay out your catch when the very first flying parasites show up, you stand a likelihood of reducing fly episodes, considering that you’ll be capturing a lot of them before they have an opportunity to lay eggs that sustain the following cycle.

In some atmospheres, capturing might be a practically continuous event. For example, flies might have virtually constant visibility in cozy environments near pet pens or fields. Also, you’ll intend to maintain the fly catches in position for most of the warmer months.

To preserve the catch, reserve the dead flies and re-bait your yield regularly. If you determine to use meat or pet droppings (hen clutter, bunny pellets) as the lure, you’ll also require damaging any larvae you locate in your catch. Washing the container with warm water must work or produce a fresh brand-new yield.

Answer questions when performing

What liquids or foods work best in a homemade fly trap?

Sugary water, honey, syrup, and old fruit are terrific as fly catch products. Fruit flies are likewise brought into apple cider vinegar and old white wine. All flies are drawn into decaying foods and also meats, were they such as to lay eggs.

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Why do some people add liquid dish soap to the trapped mixture?

In many situations, inverting the container leading makes it complicated for the fly to discover a departure. However, you might include a couple of decreases of liquid recipe soap in the mix. The sugar and vinegar odor brings in the flies, while soap alters the surface area stress of the fluid, sinking the flies.

Why does my house have so many flies?

A warmer climate brings flies out of inactivity, yet individuals often tend to go outside even more and maintain the door open much longer. Flies additionally reproduce swiftly, laying over 150 eggs each time.

So, if provided the possibility and your residence has moist, cozy places or some rotting garbage in the trash bin– these are suitable scenarios for a reproducing fly to lay eggs.

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