July 23, 2022

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Your Home

Gnats are pesky and relentless little buggers that replicate promptly and inconspicuously, making it challenging to locate where they could be originating from. Fortunately, as bothersome as gnats are, the ones you see within are most likely safe. Yet exactly how do you obtain them to vanish, and how can you make sure that you’re not handling attacking pests?

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Your Home
How to Get Rid of Gnats in Your Home

What Do Gnats Look Like?

Found throughout North America, fungus gnats, part of the Mycetophila genus, are typically the culprits for indoor gnat issues. However, you could see drain flies, fruit flies, biting gnats, midges, or mosquitoes, all of which can be mistaken for gnats.

Fungus gnats are typically between 1/8 and 1/4 inch in length (4 to 7mm) and can be brown, black, or yellowish. Fungus gnats do not bite.

Outside, fungus gnats can be found in shady and moist environments and are most active in summer. Adult female fungus gnats lay their eggs in soil where their larvae eat decaying plants and organic matter.

Lucky for the gnats that want to move inside, many people have interior house plants, which provide fungus gnats with a year-round feeding and breeding source. Inside, keep an eye out for these pests flitting around light fixtures and windows.

If you have interior house plants and think you have fungus gnats but aren’t sure, yellow sticky traps can be placed in your plant pots near the base. This will help determine any fungus gnat activity in the soil.


Fungi gnats have an incredibly unique smell when squashed in between your fingers. If you’re up for it, capture one, squeeze it, and take a whiff. Do you scent a solid, fungus-like smell? If so, you’re most likely taking care of fungi gnats.

What Do Gnats Look Like
What Do Gnats Look Like

3 Ways to Eliminate Gnats

Address Moist Soil

Damp dirt is an attractant for lots of insects. If the dirt in or around your residence often tends to be extremely wet, attempt allowing it to dry a little bit more in between waterings to prevent gnats and other insects from being drawn into it.

If you have houseplants, ensure that they are not being overwatered, as this produces a year-round reproduction and feeding resource inside your house for gnats and various other parasites.


If your houseplants are the resource of your gnat concern, do not anguish! Exterminate any larvae in the dirt of your houseplants by excavating down 2 to 3 inches and transforming the top of the ground over. Do not sprinkle it! Enable the land to be dry, eliminating the larvae in the environment. Lastly, location one to 2 inches of sand in addition to the earth. This will undoubtedly dissuade standing water and maintain the gnats from having the ability to lay eggs there.

Set Up Light Traps

Light catches can be set up inside and also outside to prevent gnats. Inside the light, catches will undoubtedly assist in maintaining inside gnats and various other annoyance insect populaces conveniently. Outside light catches can aid prevent gnats from entering your residence at the starting point. However, they need to be brighter and more attractive to the parasites outside than the lights they can see inside your house.

Tidy up Sources of Organic Material

Gnats and much of their lookalikes are drawn into decomposing natural products. Whether it’s wet potting dirt and plant issues, scummy deposit in drainpipe pipelines, or deteriorating food in a garden compost container, these resources must be resolved if you wish to handle the concern.

Do not overwater your dirt. Clear out your drain pipes with a rigid scrub brush and drainpipe cleaner, and make sure your garden compost container has a little cover.


Also, a dripping pipeline that is creating tiny mold and mildew or wood-rot can supply gnats and various other insects with food and water resources. If you can not locate the help of your concern, however, recognize it needs to be someplace, assumes outside package to identify where maybe.

Indicators of a Gnat Invasion

Occasionally called “no-see-ums” because of their tiny dimension, gnats are extremely typically perplexed by a range of various other flying insects (consisting of phorid flies). If you locate minor flying bugs inside your house and intend to do away with them, initially identify which insect is triggering the problem.

Every bug is various, and it’s vital to recognize what you’re managing before creating a therapy strategy. Unlike other insects, however, your initial tip of an issue will generally be seeing the flies themselves sweeping about, not finding their droppings, nests, or further proof.

What Causes Gnats?

When identifying what kind of little flying bug is attacking your house, begin by asking on your own the adhering to inquiries:

Where are you locating them most?

What might they eat?

Where could they be finding water?

Gnats and tiny flies that show up inside houses are attracted to deteriorating raw material, which they use for feeding and reproducing websites. To remove them, you are most likely to wish to attend to as a lot of these resources as you can.


If you can, attempt to obtain an undamaged example or photo. The even more thorough or close-up, the far better! Recognition between insects can be challenging, and also having the ability to reference an image while you research study will certainly make locating solutions that a lot easier for you.

Precisely How to avoid Gnats in your house

Whether you’re handling gnats or among the numerous bugs misinterpreted for them, you can protect against a recurring problem by concentrating on cleanliness. As soon as the insect’s food resource or reproducing website is tidied up (or never permitted to remain to begin with), the problem must be dealt with.

Fungi Gnats, or Something Else?

It’s simple to blunder one little fly for an additional. A gnat problem is common fungi gnats; however, your undesirable flying site visitors might also be drainpipe flies, fruit flies, attacking gnats, little people, or insects. Discover just how to discriminate so regarding correctly recognize and also resolve your bug issue.

Drain pipes Flies

This miniature gnat replica has excellent deals of names. Often called moth flies due to their similarity to a little grainy moth, these flies are around 1/8 inch (4mm) in size with long antennae and light tan to grey coloring. They have pale black and white speckling on their heart-shaped wings and little white hairs on their body. These flies do not attack. However, drainpipe flies can feature various other worries.

It prevails for individuals to believe they are handling gnats when they remain in truth seeing drainpipe flies. Are you discovering tiny flying pests in your washroom? While not unique to restrooms, drainpipe flies (likewise called washroom flies) prey on the residue, wetness, and decomposing raw material that collects in a position like a bathroom drains pipes.

This trouble can be addressed by adequately cleansing drains pipes. However, understand that putting bleach or drainpipe cleaner away is inadequate. This will undoubtedly eliminate grown-up insects yet will certainly not eliminate the larvae or appropriately get rid of the feeding and reproducing resources. Drainpipes should be rubbed with a drainpipe cleaner and a tight scrub brush.


Drain pipes flies can sometimes send conditions because they socialize, mainly when the fly problem is extreme. They can fall under food, triggering asthmatic responses and making ingesting and taking a breath hard.1 If you have a drainpipe fly problem, attempt to resolve it as swiftly as feasible before it comes to be uncontrollable and also harmful.

Fruit Flies

One more bug frequently perplexed with indoor or fungi gnats are fruit flies, additionally called vinegar flies. These flies are incredibly tiny, around 1/16 inch (2mm), with unique red eyes and a mix of tan, black, and grey on their head and body. They do not attack. However, they can be pretty troublesome.

These flies are so small that they can go through average testing to maintain various other flies away. They prevail in residences, specifically kitchen areas, dining establishments, and other food-taking care websites. They have additionally been understood to bring illness. Apart from vinegar, they are brought into droppings and raw food.

Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies

Biting Gnats

There are a variety of attacking gnats, consisting of the buffalo gnat, the eye gnat, and the Clear Lake gnat (which belongs to a specific location in The golden state). These gnats are all attracted to moist outside atmospheres with many decaying natural products ideal for laying eggs in and preying on.

If you are managing indoor gnats, any of these selections of attacking gnats are most likely not the guilty insects, and however, if you stay in a wetland-type location, you might intend to take preventative actions to maintain these unpleasant individuals outside where they belong.


Outside light catches can be efficient in maintaining outside attacking gnat populaces away. If you are mounting an external light catch, ensure that it is brighter and extra eye-catching to the gnats than the indoor lights beaming via the home windows. Or else, you can attract the gnats instead of maintaining them.

Little people and also Insects

These insects are often described as gnats, although they do not look just like them up close. Bear in mind that midges, as well as insects, are much larger than a gnat. While both are usually exterior insects, they can wind up within, particularly during summer nights when it is cozy. Also, they are drawn to resources of light around the residence.

While extremely various from the gnats they’re usually puzzled with, insects, as well as little people, look and act in a similar way to every other. Both choose standing water (where they lay their eggs), are understood for abounding (specifically at sunset), and are brought into the light.

Insects are infamous for their blood-sucking bite. However, few people are entirely safe and have cozy antennae, making them very easy to recognize. They likewise do not have a beak and also do not draw blood. Uncertain if you’re handling insects or little people? Try to find the blurry antennae.

What Is a Proboscis?

A beak is the lengthy, straw-like mouthpart that insects and various other pests use for drawing or puncturing.

Will gnats vanish by themselves?

If the gnats are outdoors, they are a seasonal concern, and populaces will undoubtedly move with the altering periods. Inside, they can come to be a year-round problem and also aren’t most likely to vanish by themselves.

If gnats have discovered their method inside and you’re finding them regularly, there is something in your home that is attracting them and offering them what they require to make it through. Discover what’s attracting them and resolve it, and the problem ought to settle itself.

Do gnats attack?

While there are some types of attacking gnats, they do not typically infest interior areas. If you are observing gnats within, it is likely a fungi gnat or a sort of fly that looks comparable to them, in which situation you should not require to bother with attacking.

When to Call a Pro

With interior gnat and fly issues, the problem will likely resolve once the feeding/breeding source is addressed. If you are inspecting for the cause and having trouble finding where the gnats or flies could be coming from, this might be the time to call a professional IPM specialist to help you inspect.

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