Day 10 : The Serpent’s Blood

Day 10. The Serpent’s Blood. Do you see it?

Asked The Teacher. Behind the rock, I replied.
It was a snake, brown and black and slithering in the desert sand. What do you know about snakes?
He asked. I know. To avoid them. Nothing more. Not much.
What you should know is that snakes are cold blooded? Why is that important? You’re warm blooded?
And because you’re warm blooded, you can run and keep running.
But a snake being cold blooded is limited in its ability to endure to keep going.
Therefore you can outlast it. That’s good to know, I replied. In the scriptures.
The serpent is a symbol of evil.
Why is that not because snakes are evil in themselves, but because they provide a representation of evil?
They often move. By twisting, and so the nature of evil is to twist.
A lie is the twisting of the truth.
The impure is the twisting of the pure and evil itself is the twisting of the good.
So then if snakes are cold blooded then so in some way is evil.
Yes, said the teacher, Evil is cold blooded.
What that means is this though evil may have its day its victories. It’s time to move and strike.
It remains cold blooded. Therefore it can never endure. No matter how powerful the evil may appear.
No matter how triumphant and unstoppable it may seem it cannot last deception is cold blooded.
Hatred is cold blooded slander is cold blooded, oppression is cold blooded.
All evil is cold blooded, and so the power of evil is only for the short term, and the momentary.
Its days are always numbered and in the long run it always fails. But the good is not cold blooded.
I said Yes, he said. So in the end the good will always outlast the evil.
Therefore persevere in the good. Keep going in what is true, keep standing for what is right and you will overcome and prevail.
In the end, the mission, in the face of whatever evil trouble, attack or sin you’re dealing with.
Don’t give in, don’t give up, but press on in the good Isaiah chapter 54 verse 17 Matthew chapter 24 verse 13 john chapter one verse five, snake busters one through six.

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