January 18, 2022

WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook Crashed Again?

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Facebook crashes again?

Updated: Following the October 4 incident, Facebook, along with WhatsApp and Instagram, resumed their outage with a second major outage two hours late in the evening. The company apologized again for the rookie mistake saying, “We’ve fixed the problem, and everything will be back to normal.”

Social network problem

On October 4, 2022, Facebook, among co-owners like Instagram and WhatsApp, went down, losing revenue and profits because of a significant global crash. Even though it is the largest social media platform in the world, the global outage lasted almost 7 hours. Tech News Central explains what happened when calculating the most extended downtime in social media history.

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What caused the outage?

When it comes to such complex platforms, many possibilities can point to the cause of this outage. Did someone press the wrong button? Or did someone hacks the world’s largest social network? The reality is technically much more complicated than these superficial speculations.

Sources like the Economic Times explain that the disruption is due to a Change of configuration that failed to be implemented by Facebook’s Router, which makes the company’s DNS servers work offline.

Social Media analysts are also pointing to a possible cause of issues. Broder Gateway Protocol (BGP) is used as a standard protocol for routing information across the autonomous global network of the internet.

While by connecting the dots, sources like India Today squared off to say that the outage occurred shortly after Facebook Whistleblower revealed her identity.

How is Facebook Responsible for Causing the Capitol Riot?

Data is hidden. Does that mean an anonymous former Facebook employee’s complaint filed with the FBI this year says that Facebook research amplifies hate, misinformation, and political instability, leading to a sudden breakdown?

The intensity is deflected. What do we mean? So we need to understand how algorithms work. The basic idea behind generating a lot of profit and persuading thousands of people to click on your ads is that your Facebook feed is selected according to the content you have interacted with (Which can be easily modified to go viral). outrage) is managed by an algorithm under the purpose of content (Fact or Misinformation) increasingly popular over time to pull profits beyond safe.

According to reports leaked by Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen, Facebook is responsible for causing 3-5% of hate across their platforms. While that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we don’t know the company hides what it learns from the public, and that’s a concern.

How bad could the situation be?

Well, one big downside of a company that owns other social media giants is that when there’s a specific problem that one person might have, others will be affected, just like the effectiveness of the company. Domino application.

The same outage happened in 2008 with more than 80 million users compared to 4 billion users. Today across all Facebook-owned social media platforms, such a situation. could be alarming globally.

The nearly 7-hour time zone difference doesn’t sound too problematic. Still, after founder Mark Zuckerberg lost $7 billion in this outage, Facebook’s stock plummeted almost 6% due to Facebook pulling in revenue + by $27 million per day and growing with a large user base.

Since most of the global user base relies on these social media in the form of online business, companies can experience massive swings between alternatives causing exponential losses. Than. Due to possessing a vast user base, the company can be charged with many unwanted accusations from the media and the public.


To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: we apologize. We’ve worked hard to restore access to our apps and services and are excited to announce that they’re back online now. Thank you for bringing with us.

– Meta (@Meta) October 4, 2021

Following the outage, Facebook restored all services, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Workplace. After leading Twitter with an announcement for all users, Facebook has also promised to keep user accounts safe and intact.

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