March 24, 2021

Turn your smartphone into a microscope

Do you want to see how many bacteria are present on your hands? You might be curious to see what they look like. You may want to have a microscope to see the presence of bacteria around you. Traditional microscopes can be the answer to that but can be a bit expensive.

How about we use our smartphone as a microscope? Can you think how it would work? We also thought. Researchers from the University of Houston have found a way to turn your existing smartphone into a microscope.

They had to build a flexible plastic lens that, when attached to a smartphone camera, can magnify the image like other optical microscopes by 120 times. Yes, it will take some time to be on the market, so we can buy it.

But, there is always an option and one such product is DIPLE. It comes as a small smartphone-like box. The cost is slightly more expensive than its previous BLIPS suite. The Diple creators say that it can zoom up to 1000x depending on the type of smartphone you’re using.

Diple Kit on Kickstarter

Blips comes in the form of micro and macro snapshots. They stick with a reusable adhesive and are thin enough (0.5 mm to 1.2 mm thick) to fit in your wallet. The BLIPS created by the SmartMicro Optics team says it is the thinnest lens available on the market.

Smartphone Microscope
Complete set of Smatmicrooptics.

It can magnify up to 100x if the digital zoom works well. Many other products allow you to turn your smartphone camera into a mini microscope. Here are some images from the Diple lens that you can check out.

We can try these products to see how amazing our smartphones are, and if some app developers develop apps around this, it could revolutionize. Network in the market. There are also DIY kits for you to experiment with and build your smartphone microscope.

Let us know how likely you are to purchase a smartphone microscope instead of a traditional optical microscope in the comments section below. Also, share with us how you would use it if you bought one.

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